Thursday, 28 December 2006

What Dreams Are Made Of

So, last week I was on the phone to a woman from an agency in Stockport who told me her partner was a director making a short film, but he was looking for a producer as the shoot was getting closer and there was a lot to do.
I jumped at the chance.
So here's the scoop. The cast are from stage and screen. The crew have won BAFTA's and the director of photography is at the top of his game. We are shooting with Panavision cameras on Super 16 and the film called "Touch Down" which is going to be shot on location in Manchester will be sent to every major film festival.

The short film will be around 10 mins long and will take 4 days to shoot, It will be transferred and edited in HD; the post production facilities are sorted.

This will open many doors including the possibility of having Sex with Friends made. The connections that the film makers have will give me opportunity to work in TV and Film and if this film gets the recognition I believe it deserves then I may have my one true dream come true.

I have to do a fucking good job. And I will.

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