Saturday, 30 December 2006

New Beginnings

I've really got stuck into my role as Producer on Touch Down and am loving it totally. I can't wait to see the next read through and I recon it'll be a good film. I have been looking at getting rights to use music (with help from my music guru Steve) and I've been preparing shooting schedules. I've been also putting the finishing touches to Sex with Friends so I can get he opinion of some other writers and film makers. (I'd love to produce it)
Getting a little extra cash is a necessity so hopefully, I'll pull my finger out and get a bar job or something soon.

I'm really happy to finally have a job that I love. I am not underestimating the opportunity and am prepared to work as hard as possible to succeed; and it really helps to have professionals believing in me!

Happy New Year to everyone, I am so glad 2006 is finally coming to an end. Time, I think, for a new beginning.

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