Sunday, 10 December 2006

Day Forty

I love it when you discover a new club, Kat had her first friday night out in Manchester and after an uneventful week of working and being monged friday couldn't come fast enough.
Alex brought over some chocolate, beer and wine, and treated us to pizza while we got drunk at the apartment before heading over to 42 in town. I felt like the oldest person in the room, and even Kat said she felt old, which is saying something! I did notice that there are plenty of very pretty guys out there!!
After several doubles and a shot of Golschlager we headed to Satans Hollow for rock and metal where we met two guys, one who Kat totally scared of and yet another who had problems believing I am gay!
Saturday, after falling asleep to The Covenant, Milla visited from Liverpool and we went to Satan's again for a bit before heading back to a slumber party in the living room and we watched The Lady in the Water, which I thought was pretty good, it reminded me a little of Big Fish with the whole Bedtime story kinda thing... Would recommend it if you like to have your mind a little open when watching movies.

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Anon said...

i would just like to say that your blog has given me some food for thought...your pics are cool looks like ur having great time!