Sunday, 24 December 2006

The Meaning of Christmas

The Jelly is setting for the trifle
The Frozen veg doesn't need peeling (thank god)
My landlord, who decided to move himself in this week has finally fucked off.
I'm all set to watch my christmas star wars movie, last year was Empire Strikes Back, this year Revenge of the Sith
we're having lamb this year, for a change, and thats all sorted.
I guess it really is christmas

I guess I am feeling really homesick now. I have just sat with Alex and watched Love Actually and it has had me thinking about what christmas is all about. It's not about presents. It's not about Religion, It's not about over eating, its not even about the trifle.

It's about making the effort to be with the ones you love just once in the year. it doesn't matter if you hardly ever speak to your family, for one day of the year, people can put their differences aside and break bread.

So I feel awful for staying in manchester. I should have made the effort. right now I am in the wrong city.

But to those I love and care ahout, A Merry Christmas to you all. And a Happy New Year.

xxx xxx xxx

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