Saturday, 9 December 2006

choose Abnormality

I’ve been thinking about just how normal, normal is? I’ve been saying that I’ve wanted my life to go back to normal and I wonder just what normal is, go to work, go home, have a cup of tea, meet up with friends, watch a bit of tele perhaps go out for a few drinks. Normal. Right?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI’m not satisfied with normal, and I don’t think I ever will be. I know that there are people out there like my brother, who is more than happy with his plasma screen TV, family around him, Monday night Football.. Sunday afternoon cricket; and the ‘grown up’ in me is rather envious of the security he has (not to mention a great wife.. my lack of boyfriend is something I lack and I want to do something about it)

Anyway, less of my hormones and back to what I was saying.

In six months, my normal life will seem very abnormal indeed. Island hopping, doing odd jobs for spare cash, no knowing what is going to happen from one week to the next; Monsoon Rains, forty degree heat, humidity that will involve me being naked most of the time (sorry Kat) and then on.. So here is the rough plan for the normal life

Mid/End May 2007 Thailand / Laos / Malaysia / Singapore – 3 months.

End August 2007: Austrailia, in a rural area, working in a seasonal bar job – 3 months

Austrailia; Move to a city, Sydney probably and be there for New Years 2008. Stay in Sydney for 3 – 6 months of which we will spend half the time working and half the time exploring the surrounding areas.

Free Travel around Austrailia. I want to do my PADI and become a qualified Diving Instructor. I’m going to do an introductory course in Thailand.

End August 2008 Fly to Los Angeles where we will travel to Las Vegas and go to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, travel in a circle round to Mexico City, Tuana and back to LA where we will start enquiring about Applying for citizenship.

September/October 2008 – Fly back to Austrailia where we will work in a city for three months solidly. That will take us into early 2009 where we will cease working and buy a van and spend the next 5 months slumming it living like hippies in the back of a van and drive around Austrailia, visiting friends and having the time of our lives.

We are also going to be researching cruise ships as Kat has always wanted to spend a few months in Japan, and since flying to Tokyo is rather expensive we are looking at working on a ship as it sails from Austrailia to Japan, so rather than spending money travelling there we’ll be earning it!

As our 2 year visa runs out in Austrailia we will be looking to Move on, Ideally we’d like to live and work for a year in the USA on the west coast, but if this is hard to sort out we’ll have 90 days to move up the coast and into Canada, In this time we will also see Hawaii before spending a year living and working in Vancouver and spending free time exploring the area, including seeing the glaciers in Alaska (yes, I know that’s part of the united states!!!) depending on what happens and the experiences we have we’d like to apply for citizenship in the states as when we get there Bush will be getting kicked out the white house! This may prove to be difficult, but you never know!!

So if all goes to plan that will be my normal life, but one thing I have learned is that you never quite know what the future holds and that ANYTHING can happen. But I’ve found that as this plan has come together I am getting really excited, As I said yesterday Kat and I are not going to be really planning this until after the new year and then we’ll get vaccinations sorted and such and finally we will get the ball rolling...

Goto work,

come home,

have a cup of tea,

perhaps and early bath,

go for a drink,

watch some tele,

Spend Friday nights in the pub,

Sunday at cricket,

have one meanless one night stand after another,

work to pay the bills,

never have a mortgage,

live in the red,

Live in the Black

Live a Normal Life

(totally ripping off trainspotting here!)


Live an abnormal Life.

Choose Abnormality

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