Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Political Correctness Gone Mad

Merry Christmas!!!
That's apparently offensive to certain people at this time of year. In Manchester, as the lights were unspectacularly switch on this year, we were greeted with words like "Seasons Greetings" and "Happy Holidays". I have even recently heard the phrase "winterval" stating the break from work circling the 25th of December.
What a bunch of bollocks, frankly.

My religious opinions aside, Christmas has always been a christian holiday; we all know the story of the baby Jesus and the three wise men etc etc, So on the 25th of December people gather to sing Christmas carols and exchange gifts, like the gifts given to the baby Jesus blah blah blah... When did everything go wrong, when did simple phrases become offensive? Now I understand that basic racist words that were once used casually are now very taboo (and in my opinion, shouldn't even be uttered - same goes for the homophobic ones) but what does bother me is the stupid little things; for example "Brainstorm" at school, as kids we would gather round and have a brainstorming session, ploughing ideas onto a sheet of paper. Now this is called a 'Mindmap', it is no longer policitally correct to use the former; aparently its offensive to people with mental disorders.
"blackboard" and "whiteboard" are both now politically incorrect; What the fuck?!?!!? yes, a black board (which happens to be black in colour) is now a 'chalk board'. (not sure what a whiteboard is now) - I don't understand when calling something black or white, because it actually is black or white became a problem; or who one day said "Miss, I don't mean to be a pain, but since my ethinic origin is black, I don't think is should be called a black board.. my mummy thinks I should complain to my MP"
Some offensive words are DESIGNED to be offensive, or their meanings are altered by society to make them offend those who are either a minority or disabled or gay. In this case, I do think it's wrong; but to take it as far as it's gone, we could all be labled racist, bigots or insensitive just because we call it a blackboard, or we happen to wish a muslim woman working in tesco a Merry Christmas as she hands us our change. And how far is it going to go? will it no longer be christmas pudding? will they rename is Holiday Pudding? or go for something far more obvious, like dried-fruit-soaked-in-booze-for-six-months Pudding?

We are all so afraid to offend, or be labelled something; we should all just embrace the season to be jolly and be happy.

So Whatever you believe; whatever you opinions on Political Correctness is, This queer boy in the norf would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. x x x x

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