Tuesday, 12 December 2006

All Sparks

What are you supposed to say to someone who you fancy? I usually can talk for England, but there are two things that normally just shut me right up. first of all, weed. Just kills my conversation ability and secondly, men. I don't know what to say to men that I like. I fumble and mess up my words. I find myself logging onto gaydar on pretty much a daily basis and within minutes I'm bored. Bored of looking at profiles of guys I would neve be interested in and profiles of dirty old men who simply want to get their cock sucked.
I seem to float from one want to the next. I want a boyfriend or I want to get laid. Ever snuggled up to someone and felt their fingertips on you. It so intense you believe that you can see an actual spark. i guess i'm just blabbering, afterall The Editors did say All Sparks go out, in the end.

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