Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Loss and Gain

Loss is something we all have to cope with. kat's looking for her keys at the moment. The last blog that you may have read cost me my job. I wrote it in my lunchbreak at work and emailed it to myself so I could post it when I got home. The blog was read and my services were no longer required. My response was "oooh, crap." But being my usual proactive self when I get in a pickle, I applied for a bunch of jobs this morning and I have not one, but two interviews tomorrow. And to keep myself busy, I have cleaned the kitchen top to bottown and sorted the crap in the bedroom, so it now looks half respectable. So i'm rewarding myself by enjoying Hot Chip: The Warning (electro-indie-kinda-chilled-house-but-not) and a B&H silver.

HKW wasn't a bad company to work for. I managed to meet some decent blokes and of course a few people who certainly would be competing for the jobsworth award of the year. It got me thinking, to what lengths would I go get become the success i've only ever day dreamed about.


I just got a call from a fella from a consultancy and he also wants to meet me tomorrow as he was impressed with my CV!! I think i'm going to go out for a beer!

Oh, and Kat found her keys.

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