Monday, 11 December 2006

Run! Anthony, Run!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for their messages with the news regarding my aunt. I've tried getting in contact with my mum this evening as she was planning on leaving tomorrow, but with no avail. I pray she's coping okay.
Unsurprisingly it has been a pretty melancholy day. Kat tried to distract me with a trip to Ikea, but I simply wasn't in the mood and I couldn't even concentrate on a movie.
This sucks.

I just hit me earlier that we are literally a couple of weeks away from Christmas. I guess the lack of tree and Christmas decorations have made the festive season creep up and bite me in the ass, But I don't think t
hat I will be coming to Bedford for Christmas. I may just enjoy the week from work and I'll spend some time with my new friends here.

Saying that, it's not so bad. I'm sure Christmas in Manchester will be wonderful, throw up a few fairy lights, some crushed ice and a bottle of baileys, hell, I could have Christmas on Friday - who's in?

Running or Escaping

Escaping a small town where everyone knows your business is hard. Very hard. In fact, if you know me you'd know I tried moving away before, but circumstances have always dragged me back. People have joked about the metaphorical bungee rope that is Bedford. I said that going back for the weekend was like stepping back in time. It made me feel sick and unsafe. I don't know why - I've lived there on and off for over twenty five years, and I left in such a determined and quick fashion it was like I was running, running so fast I wouldn't know where my legs will take me. But even though externally it may be easily misunderstood as a dash from my past. It was a leap into my future. There are few people who have built a successful life for themselves in that town (and I'm not talking about those jobsworth types; you know who you are!) but all those who have gone to do great things and achieve great things may have been born at North Wing Hospital, or gone to one of our county schools, but they escaped, they left running and never looked back.

Run! Anthony, Run!

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