Saturday, 23 December 2006

Feeding My Addiction

Have you ever stepped out of a toilet in a club and slid all the way back to where you were dancing?
I have.
I had pre-christmas celebrations yesterday with Canadian Cat and Alex down Canal Street. It's funny, but it doesn't matter what town or city you are in, find a gay club and they are all exactly the same, all the men look the same, similar haircuts and the trendiest clothes Primark can stock... and there was me. Grunge meets Gay. (but without the trendy) Velvet, full full of men in dinner jackets, Queer was full of teenage pop prancers downstairs and softcore clubbers upstairs, then onto Essential where two rooms very similar to that of Queer. Saying that we had a wicked night, I got smashed and danced like a prat... and I didnt fancy a single person in there. Well, maybe one.

So it seems I want to like it. I want to feel more comfortable in a gay bar than any other, but last night Alex was acting more like a gay man than I was! As we were going into Essential, the doorstaff were like "You do know what kind of club this is?" I think it's almost ironic that people like the label "straight acting" only to find yourself being questioned about your sexuality. In 2001 I went to G-A-Y in London and was refused entry; "I'm sorry but we have a strict gay and lesbian majority" HELL-O !!!!

So it's a couple of days before christmas and I am going to hit the supermarket today to get food for a nice christmas munch, unforunatly, I've kinda lost the will to live with my hangover and everything; Alex has crashed out on my bed and I don't think he's going to move for a significant amount of time.

Oh, funny story. My PC blew up, I was playing World of Warcraft then, BANG! it was gone. turned out the power supply had over heated, which is why it used to reboot itself. but I installed a new one and so I continue to feed my addiction.

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