Thursday, 1 February 2007

Living With The Enemy

I hate thugs, I don't associate myself with them, I cross the street from them and I don't agree that people should get what they want because they threaten violence.
So thanks to my landlord Taz, I'm living with one.
The whole atmosphere in the house has changed. My new housemate has quite proudly described himself as 'the closest thing to the mafia we (Kat and I) are ever going to meet'.

So what do I do about living with a thug? I'm moving out anyway, so I can just deal with it? Taz was blinded by my new housemate handing over 6 months rent in cash! (yes, In cash!) (oh, and a bit extra) There is something very fucked up about this situation, and I for one think the police should have a firm eye on this building.

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