Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Am I Dating Anyone?

Sarah Jessica Parker is much much better at writing about relationships and things of that persuasion than I am. Lets face it, sex with friends is about quite possibly some of the most fucked up relationships there are out there.

Since I’ve mentioned Sex with Friends, I thought it might be interested to add that I’ve nearly finished. As things happen to me, good things, bad things, stressful things, I think about how I can apply these experiences to my writing. I talked to Mike about what’s been going on back home and he said I should use these experiences to make my writing more personal. It’s wonderful to have a business partner who is on the same page as me.

So, professionally things are going rather well.

Now the one question I get asked more and more about from people back home is “How’s things on the man front?” and up to very recently they’ve been a little dry. It’s not bothered me too much but in all honesty I have felt rather lonely when it comes to intimacy. And I do admit that my rather fucked up sexual past when it comes to straight men is certainly not something I am proud of. (Though it does make a good story to tell the lads down the local)

There are certain rules that we have come to learn about when it comes to dating. i.e. You don’t sleep with someone on the first date, a goodbye kiss should suffice.. (okay, so immediately I have not been adhering to these rules) it’s just that we are all human and therefore, the urges of the body are something that we all find difficult to restrain.

I could be crude and say that in the cinema the other day, I became so moist because R turned me on so much. But I wont. Hehehehe

The thing is that first impressions are supposed to count the most. So by sleeping with some on the first date, does that mean that a precedent is created and therefore the whole union is going to be purely based on sex?

Then again, being gay, things are slightly different, we live in a world of gaydar.co.uk and Canal Street. Where Sex is quite possibly oozing from the drains. My housemate manages to bed quite a few men, and it’s quite shocking, though rather unsurprising as the gay scene is very sexual. That’s why the fights in gay bars are kept to a minimum*, because we all just want to get laid.

*most fights are because someone has probably slept with someone’s boyfriend. And even then, they’re quite short and rather funny.

But how do you make the transition from “shagging like rabbits” to “steady couple”? I have often seen though my friends relationships that sometimes when the former begins to die down it becomes apparent that the latter will never be.

This makes me also think about the truth and lies. No one intentionally lies (unless you are a total cunt) and therefore you would think that you would get to know a person, so the transition that I’ve been talking about is something that is rather care-free.

I don’t really know what I am talking about, which is rather obvious.
But lets just say. I’m excited. And he’s really nice.

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