Wednesday, 21 February 2007

That's so gay

For the first time in my life, I am surrounded by gay men.
It's not like I've got this sudden influx of male attention, but Kat and I are living with a gay house share. I always said that gay men irritate me. But I'd never really been able to put my finger on why they do. But I've given this some thought over the last few days;
First of all, The gay men I have met, (Apart from Robin) have lives that revolve around the village. The world begins at one end of Canal Street, at the union, and end around the corner at Essentials. The problem is that when people lives start and end with a party, I find that, yes, it's funny and entertaining, but after a while it's kinda sad, and rather boring.
This weekend, another Random was over and spend the day channel hopping while his host lay on the sofa coming down after a night on pills. He asked me if he can use the shower, and I was like, "sure", at the time I thought he was a friend, I mean, what kinda guy would spend the majority of the day in a room, that gradually got darker, watching crappy soaps, while the person who he was expecting to get laid with crashed out on the couch? It just seems a little sad. I don't think I would ever do that to someone I brought home.
Another thing that gets me (and this is something I am guilty of) is the obvious obsession with men. They seem to talk only about sex. sexuality and who they fancy. I just think it's really boring. Sometimes I wonder if that's what I sound like to my other friends. Because if I'm anything like that. I must be well boring.

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janey said...

hey, just looked at ur recs for books, il back the catcher in the rye, one of my faves x