Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Film Lab North

So first thing this morning, Mike and I made the journey back to Leeds to collect our negative. I had a feeling of satisfaction, that I cannot even explain, when I walked out of Film Lab North with our negative. The film is now ready to be transferred to HD.

I also am heading to a meeting of the North West Producer and Directors later to network and hear how other producers pitch their work and seeks funds. It should be a great experience.

There are some lessons that I am still learning. Mike reminded me of what Shakespeare said earlier "To all lend thy ear, but few thy tongue" I need to learn as a producer to be more guarded with information that is privvy to me, so tonight may be a test to that. I'm so used to be an open person I think that It will good to start keeping a few things to myself, professionally and personally.

Anyway, in local news, I am looking for a crappy temp job to fill the gaps between projects with Findaway. I used to get depressed as I thought to myself "is this it?" but now that I know and am aware that I have for more exciting and interesting things on the horizon, I think that it will keep me going as I trawl through all the crap.


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