Thursday, 22 February 2007

Being stood up sucks. Not literally, unfortunatly.

The answer to the question I asked myself "Am I dating anyone?" is "no"
Yesterday, I was supposed to be meeting Robin after work. We spoke on the phone on Tuesday and he seemed quite enthused. I guess I don't really know men at all.
The thing is this - I'm quite happy to admit that I want a relationship - I'm quite ready for a boyfriend. I feel secure enough to be able to handle the commitment of a relationship.
But being ready for one doesn't make it any easier to get into one.
But I think I'm just better off concentrating on my career. If someone comes along, that'll be great, but I just feel a little disappointed.
I shouldn't of had sex on the first date.
fuck it. I needed to get laid and I thought he'd stick around. Never mind, eh - plenty more fish and all that.

I think I'm just going to date actors. Press Room - Here I come!!

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