Sunday, 4 February 2007

I spend too much time whining...

So Sunday has come and gone in the most uneventful way.. like most Sundays, I can imagine. My old Landlord, Taz has assured me that I've not heard from the last of him. Fucking Great.

Crashing with Kat is already taking it's toll. I've a viewing of an apartment on Wednesday, which is great, but I can't afford to move in until I have some cash, but I'm working, so all I can really do is wait. I'll explain to the guy who's apartment it is and see if we can come to some arrangement. I've been asked to make myself scarce tomorrow night as Kat's landlord is coming over and he has no idea that I am staying here... wouldn't be a problem, only she may not be able to let him know about me being here as she may be having cocktails with a friend. So what can I do? She suggested going to coffee shop and doing some writing, only I am out of the 'notes' phase and in the final stretch, so I really need my PC. I suggested going to the cinema with the last £11 that I have, but she doesn't like that idea (as I would be spending) though I doubt she fully understands the cost of an extra hot latte.

So many thoughts have been rushing through my head "If I'd not done the film, I wouldn't be in this situation", "Don't worry Ant, it'll all be good.. just hold on a few more weeks", "for god's sake, why doesn't she just call him and clear it with him" I am beginning to feel like a Jew hiding from the SS during world war 2. Nothing seems to run smoothly for me... all I want is a secure home, a nice boyfriend and a successful business. (yeah, perhaps that is a little too much to ask from a guy who seems to spend most of his life running) -- but I am tired of running my metaphorical legs are getting tired. (though my figure is looking great)

Bollocks to it. I spend too much time whining.

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