Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Back on track...

Things seem to be getting back to normal at the moment, which is encouraging.
I have begun to think more about publicity for and I've started working on several different designs. (with a blue colour pallet - Mike is an Everton Fan) I'm thinking about postcards to hand out at the screening of Touch Down and maybe having something fancy printed to send out to prospective corporates.
In the meantime, I think it's a good idea to become a member of the New Producers Alliance it's a great opportunity for me to network with other producers and gain contacts for funding as well as attend courses and think-tanks. The only problem is that it's mainly in London. But I like London and it's only half a fucking day away.

I got an email from Dan who has recommended that I put Touch Down on imdb which is cool, Alex would say in his drunken state, one day you'll be on imdb. I didn't think it would be anytime soon!!

Speaking of Alex, He's leaving for Paris on May 16th. I know it's not for another 2 1/2 months yet, But I can't even begin to imagine Manchester without him. Why am I getting emotional over him? it's not for ages yet. The problem with Alex, and it is a problem is that he sets the standard. I've never really met anyone quite like him. (it's certainly not a fancying thing) I've been really good at keeping the straights at bay (emotionally) I was out with Andy and he was like "Do you fancy him..?, What about him?" and the thing is, I didn't fancy anyone. Which isn't too much of a problem, because if I ever ended up going out with anyone like Alex, then it'll certainly be worth the wait.

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