Monday, 12 February 2007

BAFTA 2007

I've been lucky enough this year to have seen most of the films that were major nominees at this years BAFTAs, so I curled up with a tall glass of luke warm coca-cola to watch it,

I must admit I have not seen The Last King of Scotland, but it is next on my list. (After Notes on a Scandle)

So this year there were no big winners. I'm glad the obvious winners won though, because the qualilty of some stood out from the rest of the nominations. I'm talking of course about Little Miss Sunshine winning best original screenplay, Children of Men winning best cinematography, and Pan's Labrynth winning Best film not in the English Language, and of course, there was The Queen, Helen Mirren obviously winning best actress, but I was a little surprised to see The Queen win best film. I did love The Queen, but I wanted Little Miss Sunshine to take it, but I guess I exepected it to go to Babel.

Big surprise, but not bad in the slightest was seeing Paul Greengrass win for Achievement in Direction for the marvellous United 93. I had never considered that he might win, but when I heard him name called, I thought to myself, "actually, yeah" But his speech sucked. 9/11 is sooo 2001.

Best Speech of the evening went to The first editor to ever be awarded with The BAFTA fellowship, Anne Coates. Humble and wonderful.

All in all a good year, no clear winners, which is what I like about BAFTA, It hardly seems to be bias towards one particular film, particularly when it comes to winners.

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