Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Past, The Present, The Future

We not doing the telecine now until Monday; and that'll probably go over into Tuesday, so Mike and I have to wait another few days before we can finally see the footage. It's been mental today, trying to do my 'job' while also ducking out every few minutes to put my producer hat on.

In the meantime, I've been researching development and funding routes, so when Touch Down hits the festival circuit, we have our next projects ready and waiting. Sex With Friends is nearly finished, What would be my 'unofficial Fourth Draft' will become my Official First Draft. Once that's done (in the next week) I'll be concentrating my efforts on a treatment.

Mike also has his feature in tow which he will be working on, So It's going to be great for when we have our 'industry' screening to be able to tell executives about further projects.

I've also been approached my a production company in London to work as a production co-ordinator on a feature film which is going into production at the end of Feb, I've invited the director and the producer of the project up to Manchester for the screening of Touch Down and It'll give me a chance to meet them.

In the meantime, Selling my soul isn't going too bad. The people here are wicked and well easy to get along with -

I may have been giving the impression that I'm struggling up here. I've been here 3 months now and I love every minute, the dramatic moments in my life will make me a better writer and the fact that I've had constant communication with friends back home is a blessing. I've made some wonderful friends up in Manchester who I cherish. It's weird, but only a handful of people, like Kat, Janie, Steven can see the real change in my life, giving up weed was such a good idea and just being positive and proactive. And yes, I do like to talk (and I love writing this blog) but the thing is These words, Are not just words. These things in my life are actually happening. And sometimes I can't believe it.
A year ago, just 1 year ago, I was deserted by the two people in my life I thought would be there forever. And now, They are a lifetime away, because I have moved on with my life, In many ways. And even though I am the same person. I am so different, you probably wouldn't even recognise me. The only thing that reminds me of that time is a scar on my arm, and It reminds me of how much I have changed. And every time I see it, I smile. Because I turned everything around.

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