Monday, 22 January 2007

Produced By Anthony Maxwell

Film making is an organic process, constantly evolving, and with any luck improving.. so I write this blog, while sitting at Mikes kitchen table as he makes some changes to the script. It is 11.30pm at night on Monday and we start shooting at noon on Wednesday.

Things have been evolving in a less professional sense of the word... I have recently been chatting to a lovely bloke from gaydar; he's a writer, or music and plays and we have lots in common (I do hope he's not one of the many people who read this, or I am going to be so embarrassed the next time I speak to him) But hey, if nothing else, I've made another friend.

So here we are, Production is about to begin and I am about to see if all my hard work, which seems to have been on the phone and the interweb has finally paid off. I have only just begun to feel the weight of everything, I don't think my inbox has had a hit like this since I gave my email address when I was looking for some free porn.

But I am loving it, and even though we are in the middle of this film, I am starting to really think about what comes next. To get findaway films up and running, with a decent income, Mike thinks the corprate route will be best. I also want to be more creative and start thinking about producing one of my projects. And Sex with friends may be on the cards - I have been writing to the wee hours of the morning and have made some major changes, which I believe have given the narrative more depth, But I am yet to get the opinion of an industry professional.... fuck me; after this I will be an industry professional.

Makes me think about all those messages I deleted from my previous blog from people who said I'd never amount to anything.. I was destined to be a looser. Well, all I can think of saying is... "fuck you!" I took all lose opinions and turned them into a reason to make something of myself.

Yes, the original plan was to be half way around the world by Christmas, But I think I will be delaying travelling by 18 months; I am not a person to give up on a good thing and I am certainly not going to give up on this.. because I have learned sometime else from this new experience; If you want sometime hard enough.. you have to work for it. You have to work fucking hard.. and if you love what you are doing then it makes the journey so much easier. So I feel that I am on the easy path. Working hard, doing something I love. And in a couple of days that thing I love is going into production. Produced By Anthony Maxwell

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