Saturday, 27 January 2007

Only a few get to be born twice in a single month

Baby Oliver was cradled over his mothers arm asleep, with his arms and legs dangling. This less than one month old baby was being made up to be one of the key characters in the film. And He was absolutely fantastic! (Thanks Annette)
Today we got to BUPA a little before nine and we were lucky enough to find that we had the whole floor to ourselves for the shoot. we took up 4 rooms, one for private rehearsal, the set, makeup and a room for the mother and baby. The crew took up the hallway as you can see from the picks and the rep from BUPA even was like "gosh!" when she saw how we had moved in. (Dan even had to move ceiling panels to pass wires through for the lights!

Shooting the birth was a lengthy process, we were hoping to be done by half two, but it never happened, we didn't get out of there until 6. I have learned that filming can take hours and hours and hours. But it's all good, because the quality of a rushed project is normally shite.

Mike is doing an amazing job. It would be nice to see him with the actors more as I am keen to understand the 'directors craft' more. Because he is a BLINDING director. The performances have been utterly fantastic. The film will look like a million dollars and with Mike a the helm of a well oiled film crew It's going to be amazing.

(now that I've finished metaphorically licking his balls)

Our company bank cards came though today... woo hoo! I would like to be able to move straight onto another short after Touch Down. I was to be able to produce sometime immediately after this. Only this time with money. I've been working on a treatment for a short called "Conversations with Me" and when production has ended on 'Touch Down' I'll give the script a stab. I don't think I'm quite ready to be producing a feature. The scale is through the roof. I'd like to really work on my skills and I think if I can get £10,000 - £12,000 to make another short from someone who is willing to invest, I would like to also have the same crew on Touch Down. Everyone is working so hard, and the level of professionalism is just made me speechless...

...anyway, I have an 8am call tomorrow, so I'm going to bed now.

Hope you liked the pics.

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