Monday, 29 January 2007

Post Production

This weekend has been a blur, after wrapping the film on Saturday we went to the moon bar for a few drinks and then onto South. Mike said he'd come to south, but he did a rather predictable runner!

But it was a fun night, got smashed and danced like a trooper to one of the fucking best DJ's I've ever heard...

Sunday started as a blur, Tony and I drifted in and out of sleep as we watched 'Blood Diamond', where Leonardo DiCaprio did one of the dodgiest South African Accents I have ever heard.

Mike finally showed himself and we went for a quiet pint.. that quiet pint turned into two.. into three.. four... (see a pattern emerging).. Tony, Steven, Mike and myself even found ourselves in via fossa, and Tony was absolutely wasted.. and in the kebab shop.. this was the result!

Post Production
Post production has always been my favourite part of the process, but this is different, I feel a little detached from Touch Down, almost like it's out of my hands, I know I still have some more work to do, but as producer, it's time for me to think about the next project...

So, right now, our film is going through an overnight wash. Tomorrow, we will know exactly how much footage there is and will will have our negative.

That negative will then be taken down to London where we will, next Friday have the film graded and put onto a HD and BETA PAL master. it will then be ready to make its way back up to Manchester where it will be edited.

Hopefully the film will be complete in about four to five weeks.

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