Friday, 26 January 2007

Touch Day: The Second Day is always more efficient than the first!

Today was a really successful day.. we still managed to go over, but only by an hour, which was nice.. starting at 2.30, in Middleton, we shot one of the final scenes from the film in a subway, I spend most of the time on the phone sorting out things for tomorrow, but I spoke to Mike about the performances and his words were "spot on"; and the guy's a perfectionist.. So I know that the performance was brilliant. After getting a few shots there, we headed over to Mikes mums for some lovely stew; then back to the Dusty Miller, where we shot a significant scene with the guys, Michael Keogh, Tony Streeter, Paul-Michael Giblin and James Atkinson, and everyone was commenting on the brilliant performances.

I heard all about this later, because, for me, Mr. Producer.. the day was full of another million phone calls. This morning, when I woke up we still never had a sound recordist for the day, and I managed to get Nick Steer, sound recordist from Life on Mars and Cutting It to come down and help us out... at this point we had a recordist for the next two days, but at the 11th hour (again) he ducked out and I was back in the shit. So from six to about nine I was constantly on the phone calling every sound recordist in the north east, to find that all of them were busy, finally I got a call from a sound recordist who was the other side of the world and he said "try this guy" and I called him and yay! sorted so a big hand goes to Mark Atkinson!...
..but the problems didn't end there. Tomorrow we are shooting a major scene at BUPA, the birth and the first conversation between two primary characters about the naming of the baby. But we had NO BABY!... Sarah, Mikes other half, and I were battering out phone calls all day.. and at about seven, we got it! so tomorrow will hopefully be problem free.

It's like a rollarcoaster. I found that as a producer EVERYONE relies on me for everything to be sorted.. because that's my job. And there is nothing more satisfying that having the whole crew happy within budget.

But we are totally going to go over budget. But it's all worth it.

Bring on Day Three. 9.00am call at BUPA. Bring it on!

Oh, and above here is a pic from Day one. The van got stuck in a massive hole! Matt thought it was a small pile of leaves. too funny. we had to tow it out!!!

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