Friday, 12 January 2007

Lights! Camera! Action!

Okay, so I always knew the film was going to be good. without question. But yesterday, I realised after seeing the actors rehearse, that the film was going to be Brilliant. It's amazing being surrounded by such talented people. I also want to shit myself as I'm playing such an important role bringing this all together. I'm going to contact the uni and pinch myself an assistant next week, I think. Kat's been in bed all day - lucky bitch. I popped my head around the door earlier and was like "Kat, It's five to six, you've got work", "I'm tired, turn the light off" to what I responded. "Kat, I've hardly slept all week, I need to get some kip tonight, I looking forward to you going to work, so I can do that" -- No there is bitching and there is bitching, and right now, I'm so shattered, I can't even decide what this is. Last night, Tony Streeter From The Wind that Shakes the Barley and I had a bunch of beers after the rehearsal and he stayed at mine. We were chatting about working with Ken Loach and some of the other projects he has done and what he's got coming up; and before I knew it, 4am had come and gone "Tony, Mate. I have to get some sleep" folding out the sofa bed and a quick nip upstairs and I was fast asleep, for about 5 1/2 hours, when I was up (albeit, in my dressing gown) and on the phone and getting my crew together for the shoot which is now in 13 days time.

For those who don't know. It's not as simple as "Lights, Camera, Action!" Lights require Gaffers and assistants. The camera requires The Director of Photography, a Focus Puller, a grip, a clapper loader, VT Operator and if required a steadi-cam operator, oh and camera assistant. For the Action bit, an experienced and professional cast, an Art Director to dress the sets, (of which the producer, line producer (that's both me) and the director would have organised. On the day the first assistant director (1st AD), 2nd AD and 3rd AD will make sure everyone knows whats going on. We have a make up artist, wardrobe who are at unit base with the 2nd AD at unit base looking after the actors between shots (and a caterer who keeps people fed and happy) Runners work between the set and the unit base backing everyone up "Can I have a 200mm lense?" - A runner will go and get it. I've even got a security guy as we are working totally on location. The cast is brought together and auditioned with the director and a Casting Director, Jo Adamson CDG is our casting director, she casts The Bill and Fat Friends. (Infact two cast members have just got rolls on episodes of The Bill and will be shooting directly after Touch Down. With all this together, The director can shout "Action" all the way through to "that's a wrap" knowning that everyone is working together towards this common goal.

Now my job as producer is get all of this together, running the show, so to speak, raising money and sponsorship and also organising 130 -150 extras (who all will be working for free) -- I've got sponsorhip from some well know drinks companies who are helping us out -- and with support from BUPA, South Nightclub this well oiled film making machine is being assembled with every screw and bolt firmly in place. tonight i'm back at South with Mike to block through some shots so next week a finalised shot list can be submitted to myself and the 1st AD and everything can be sheduled so everyone knows what's going on and when when we come to shoot.

Post Production and Beyond

Once the film is in the can, it then needs to be developed. It'll make its merry way up to Film lab North in Leeds where it will be developed and we will have our negative. This is then taken down to London, where each frame is scanned and we have our high definition transfer. This then is brought up to Manchester where the film will be editing, the sound mixed and the music added. Finally the complete film will have a screening in Manchester where those who have supported the film will have an opportunity to see it, and for the first time as a professional producer, I will have my name on a cinema screen. The film will then get submitted to film festivals and Channel 4 and if selected will be shown on TV.

I fucking love my job.

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