Tuesday, 2 January 2007

So Tired, I Think I'm going to Vomit

There's no better way to bring in the new year than without a good tidy, and since Kat's sister left the already ample mess had begun to swell, so last night as Kat finished a spliff to enable her to sleep I sat and watched on of the most heartwarming stories I have seen in recent years, Little Miss Sunshine. Watch it. It'll make you smile.

As the film ended I hadn't got a point where I was ready to face the task for cleaning this apartment. I knew I needed to move my PC as there was no way I could continue to work on the coffee table. It wouldn't be long before something got spilt, on well.. everything. A short hop and a skip later and I was at The Hatters, just around the corner with a cuppa tea, watching South Park, while Alex trawlled through his night shift. Yet, another hour later and I got home, Still not ready to go to sleep, So I got to it and started the task of the lounge and kitchen... bring on 4.30am and I was finished!!! I've attached a couple of pics, because it is always good to remember what it looked like when it was tidy hahahahaha

So, in conclusion. Everyone needs to see Little Miss Sunshine because it's wonderful, but please, don't stay up all night cleaning other people's mess. It's 10.30am and I'm so tired I think I'm going to vomit.


Anonymous said...

Happy Monkey Poo to you all, Big kiss to katxxx, No kiss for Anntony cause ya never can be to shaw we he has bin...!!x

Future Ginger war lord and ruler of all!!!

Anthony Maxwell said...

that's so not funny