Sunday, 28 January 2007

Day Four: Scoring a Touch Down

The final day of shooting, it should have been the easiest, but for me and Mike, it proved to be the most stressful. receipts were being produced for things that were not budgeted for, which had both Mike and I grinding our teeth, but the problem was sorted and we continued with the final day of the shoot.

Shooting at Fallowfield our sound recordist for the day Paul Lord, helped us complete one of the most harrowing sequences of the film. Kitty and Nick's performances as he beat her, was chilling and made me feel a little sick. The audience will be utterly winded. We had some lovely grub thanks to Mikes mum and went out to film the final scene of the film, which was outside the house in Shameless, the owner came out, and we slipped him £20; he gave us a warning, "If you are here too long, you'll have 2-300 people watching, as they'll think you're shooting Shameless" - and some kids came up on bikes (honestly) "Are you filming Shameless?" - we got the shot, packed up and got the hell out of there.

If you wanna go and take a visit yourself, it's the Gorton Estate in Manchester.

As the sun went down, we set up our final 2 scenes, Kitty and Tony kissing and Kitty and Tony, Getting it on; and it's going to look beautiful. I had the honor of doing the clapper board for the final shot of the film, which I loved! and the filmed me with it, so I'm looking forward to seeing that.

So, after 4 days, it's all in the can. Ready to Post production. I had tears in my eyes as we derigged, even Tubbs said I looked emotional. We fucking did it

Well, that's a wrap! and we certainly scored a Touch Down.

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