Friday, 2 March 2007

The Weekend I Go Home

There are the weekends you plan and the weekends you don't. I don't know about you but sometimes I find that the best weekends are the ones where you finish work and have no idea whats going to happen. You get a call from a mate and before you know it your in the pub, and the weekend snowballs in one booze and drug filled adventure.
This weekend has been planned for a while now. The Weekend I Go Home. I've been a bit shit, not making it back to Bedford before now, but simply put I love Manchester too much! Now that may sound a bit sad, if someone who is actually in Manchester reads this, but then again, if you compare it to the sleepy town of Bedford there isn't much for a competition.
So this is a weekend that is planned. So, Does that mean it's going to be pretty shite? I'm not sure as yet. I'm certainly excited about seeing my family. (I wonder if I have any Christmas presents?) and Janie... I was on the phone to my mum last night and she was saying that she is expecting me to go out on Saturday night and get battered. hmmm. sounds like a plan!?!?

Anyway.. back to what I was saying.. There are the weekends you plan and the weekends you don't, So even though I've planned to be in Bedford this weekend I'm not going to plan anything beyond that... see where it takes me (I wish I could afford for it to take me down to London to see Equus.. but I'm thinking of going to see that for my b'day.).. So I'm going to make a new, and rather late, resolution.. Not to plan my weekends (in detail) because in this so-so called life of mine.. you never ever know what is round the corner... Peace.

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janey said...

trying to call you think i may have number wrong as have changed phone!! pls call me as i def wana get pissed sat night if your about!!

Will be good to see you xxx