Wednesday, 21 March 2007

10 Days until Launch - The Countdown has begun

I'm talking about the countdown to the launch of and
"Only a few get to be born twice in a single month" the promo says, which yesterday I posted on my myspace page and the findaway myspace page. Cobbled together with stills from Touch Down, with a sexy track it's a little teaser for the film, but more than that it's an introduction to us.

I've been working on banners, internet ads and I'm starting to plug Touch Down and get some interest going.
We may just be this little short film that a few dozen people have worked hard to put together, but Findaway is capable of so much more. With Sex With Friends, Write me out of Rusholme, Conversations with Me and an untitled project based around the death penalty, all these ideas that are being bounced around at the moment certainly make for an interesting future that we hold.
It think it's certainly fortunate that between Mike and myself, together have much life experience and a passion that only a few understand. The fact also that we are both writers, I think it's apt that the promo ends with the words "for the love"
So, Are you sitting comfortably?
The Countdown has begun.

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