Monday, 19 March 2007

Konspire to Conspire

My blogs on a Monday seem to be having a recurring theme recently, and they all seem to be about how wasted I got and with whom, I throw in a few pictures of people being spaced out and sitting on the couch or something. And all the time I write it, I am sitting at work. Spaced Out and wishing, oh wishing so hard that the day will go quickly.
This weekend was pretty similar, I hung out at the hostel mainly with Alex chatting and then we came back to mine where we watched a really interesting documentary "Loose Change" it's a conspiracy theory documentary about 9/11. Now, I'm not usually a sucker for documentaries and I think you'd have to be a fucking retard to think that the US Government would actually be responsible for something like that. But then I saw the documentary and it really got me thinking. I invite all to download the film (which you can for free or watch it streaming from the website) and draw your own conclusions. find it at
I'm coming down. I have hardly slept and fucking lazy stupid people keep asking me questions that they should already know the answers too. I've got 2 days off work for holiday this week because of London, but I feel like utter shit today and I really want to go home.. but I can't, there's too much to do.. "blah blah"
I also hear (from Alex) that facebook is the new Myspace. Do you use facebook? come find me and lets put it to the test.

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