Thursday, 8 March 2007

Cynically Overwhelmed

My super-uneventful week begun with a sore throat, so irritating, I would gladly spend an afternoon with the golden girls (and the canned laughter) if it mean't my dry cough would finally give up. But all that a side, it's been a bit of a mixed week. I'm going to be taking charge of the corportate side of findaway, and it's even going to come under a different name. (which I'm open to suggestions for) and last night Mike and I were talking about a project that he wants to write for a micro-budget film to be made later in the year. (I'll produce and he'll direct, naturally) It's got a wicked title, but due to Mike's love of secrecy i'm not going to give it away just yet, but it's another gritty, urban story set in the North. I do like the idea and i'm looking forward to reading a draft.

Things are moving forward on Touchdown. Forward, but rather slowley, it's a little fustrating and things have recently become heated between Mike and myself. It's all sorted now, but I think what a lot of film makers who embark on a low budget project don't really appreciate is the stress that can come from it. Mike says I have to believe that Touch Down will open doors and recently I've become cynical. I think that is why I'm pushing the corporte stuff. Apart from the private screening at the cornerhouse at the end of the Month, Touch Down will not be unvielled until August, at the Edinburgh Film Festival (if selected) And that's a long time to wait for doors to open. So i'm being as proactive as I possibly can, and I'm trying to ignore how overwhelming it all is.

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