Monday, 12 March 2007

Essentially Glamorous

This weekend was nothing short of mental…

Friday night I finished work and went straight into town to see Alex and we went to the Moon Bar for a much deserved Blanc, before heading back to Hulme where he finally got chance to come over and see the new Pad. Andy had sorted out some party favourites and after getting more wired than is healthy, I went back to the hostel with Alex and Kat to get a shower and iron some clothes (I don't know why I didn't do that at home, it just seemed like a good idea at the time) We then headed to Via on Canal Street and already half cut, we stopped for a pint, hooked up with Andy and went to Queer, for a few drinks and a good ol' dance… Queer was followed by Glam, then Essential, where I was totally off my face dancing like a twat, I felt totally fat as Alex and Andy took their tops off showing off their ribbed sweaty bodies.

Some thing rather amusing about Essential, people always seem to go to the loo in two's and three's!!!

We left Essential and came back to mine for a chillout, where after a few lines of Ketamine, I honestly didn't know what the fuck was going on… at about noon, I went to pick up my new phone and walking to get it I seriously could not move in a straight line.

Come home the K started to wear off and I just passed out for most of the day, I seriously contemplated going out on the Saturday night to Essential and Morning Glory with Andy, but I honestly think my body would have given up, so I stayed home, had a couple of lines and went to bed at about 3am. Sunday, disappeared in a haze as I passed in and out of consciousness.

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