Thursday, 15 March 2007

Full Steam Ahead

I've been pretty lazy about writing in this blog recently. But to be honest, there is only so much interesting stuff to talk about. I could talk about my job, but then you'd probably not want to ever read this again.
I could talk about my housemate who was upset that we went to bed and left the washing up (Kat said she'd do it in the morning) (but he never heard her) and he threw the plates and cutlery that was soaking in the bin!
I could talk about how minging it was that I had to pull the shit out the bin and sanitise it all, and when he came in from work, he never even mentioned it.
I could talk about the fact that the editor of Touch Down is receiving the paper edit tonight and so a rough cut will be done in the next week.
I could talk about the fact that Virgin Active will have to put up with me for the next couple of months as after feeling fatter than a beached whale when I went to essential last week I have decided to plough more than just £32 a month into my figure.
I could also talk about the fact that I'm really fucking impressed with the new series of South Park. And that some people are Literally offended. Very Offended.

But I will talk about the fact that in the next few days the first official screenshots of Touch Down will appear on this website.
And that a rather exciting opportunity has arisen and I've been asked to meet a director about working on a feature film as Production Co-ordinator. I'm keeping my gob shut for now; but It's all very exciting.

Oh, and if you have Gmail - Get Google talk (I can't use MSN at work)


(oh, and I've decided on a new name for the corporate side of things. I did like Findaway Business Film, but after speaking with Mike, we've decided to keep corporate films separate from Findaway. So I'm going to call it 'Fluid'. Something rather sexual about that, don't you think?)


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