Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Rainbow LOVE

After literally 12 hours of sleep I'm beginning to feel at least half-human again. Saying that this job is so fucking boring and irritating that I'm having trouble keeping myself awake.

Last night my housemates have been talking about having me set up with someone, I would be nice to have a date with someone again... classic movie, dinner etc.. what ever happened to romance. Oh, I know exactly what happened to Romance. It got coked up.

I was talking to a colleague about Loose Change 911 yesterday and he gave me the look. The look that says, "you gullible bastad" and he directed me to some websites that debunk the film and the so-called "facts". I'm not sure what to believe, but I guess, I'm just going to agree with Stan (from South Park) It was a bunch of pissed off Muslims.
So now that I've solved (or given up on) the 911 extravaganza I'm going back to Romance.

So, I've been thinking about meeting men. Where? How? Who? And I've come to some conclusions.
  1. Try not to compare the men you meet to someone, because you'll just want the person you are comparing them more and more.
  2. Be confident. Even if I get shot down time and time again, I shouldn't let it get to me. If I get shot down, it clearly was never meant to be.
  3. Meeting a guy off the Internet can be considered really sad, but then after sifting through cock shots and being asked "What am I into?" I think that perhaps using myspace or facebook may be a better way of meeting some. Yes, I will be deleting that gaydar profile.
  4. Have more self respect. Do you know how many straight guys have fooled around with me? believe me, it's more than it should be. Even today, I should have more self respect. Afterwards, he's ashamed and I'm left with a head-fuck. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
  5. Secrets and Lies. I rest my case.
  6. Canal Street. Everyone in their drunken, drugged up state believe that they can pull that bloke from the Calvin Klein advert on the tube so they keep looking around for someone better and yes, if I'm talking about your boyfriend. He will cheat on you. (The Cunt)
  7. Drugs. If you don't even know who you are then how the fuck is someone going to get to know you. What I would advise when meeting someone on drugs is to get him to write his name on the back of your hand. (I'm sure he'll understand)

I need to get laid

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