Thursday, 15 March 2007


I'm trying to articulate how I'm feeling right now.
I'm sitting down with some pate (not exactly diet food, I know) and considering a bowl of Oatibix with some semi-skimmed milk because I missed dinner; because this evening I had drinks with Mike and picked up a copy of Touch Down's rushes on DVD. I've been watching them for the last 45 mins and I'm feeling so happy right now, it's amazing. The film looks amazing. Gritty and real, the acting is first class and (from what i've heard) sounds pretty darn good too.
I feel like i've finally found what I was always mean't to do. It's quite a feeling to be proud and humble all at the same time.
So I want to thank everyone who worked on this film. I believe we are all onto something very special, and what we may have is this little short film, I am so proud to have been apart of it. And I thank everyone involved, particularly Mike for saving my life.

Will be in contact with everyone shortly with a screening date. It'll most likely be a saturday at noon. Will let you know soon x

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